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 Lemongrass Charcoal Detox Scrub Soap images


Lemongrass Charcoal Detox Scrub Soap


Price: ₹ 160

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Ingredient List: Shea butter base (SLS & Paraben free), Lemon grass essential oil, Activated charcoal, skin safe micas (Cosmetic grade US FDA approved)

With activated charcoal on one side makes it a great exfoliating detox bar. This gritty ingredient scrubs off the dead skin, deep cleanses, pulls away the toxins and purifies your skin, makes you feel fresher than ever.

Fragrance:Lemongrass oil is a natural antiseptic and astrigent, a great cleanser, skin healer and toner and treats skin conditions such as acne and fungal infections. It open clogged pores and kills bacteria. It helps to strengthen skin tissues helping to firm up sagging skin. . . 
This detox bar will surely leave your skin smooth and look radiantly younger. 

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Product details

Category: Soaps

Manufacturer: Soulpure Soaps

Weight (in g): 80g

Product code - SKU: FGCS001






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