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 Patchouli and Orange Shea butter soap images

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Patchouli and Orange Shea butter soap


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Patchouli and Orange is the best pairing as orange completes patchouli for a fresh, deep, and woodsy scent. It promotes collagen production and improves blood flow to the skin. A super emollient, 100% handmade, ultra-moisturizing Shea Butter soap with the goodness of olive oil, coconut oil, rice bran, sunflower, castor and canola oil. It invigorates dry, damaged skin in an earthy, citrusy scent. These citrusy, sun-drenched essential oils are spiritually refreshing, revitalizing, uplifting mood and relaxing. This citrus and earthy combination instills an inner joy and an outer radiance. It is simply a tang with twang!

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Product details

Category: Soaps

Manufacturer: Soulpure Soaps

Weight (in g): 120g

Product code - SKU: POSB001






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