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Feeling tired? How about getting relaxed with our bath salts...that will awaken your senses, leaving you fresh and energetic.. Ingredients- This spa quality blend of Himalayan and Epsom salts,...
₹ 400
100% Natural Ingredients to ensure high performance while keeping your skin safe. All skin discolorations such as hyper pigmentation, acne scars, age spots and dark underams, will fade away with...
₹ 390
Exfoliate your lips with our all- natural lip scrubs made with some of the finest skin-loving butters and oils. They help in lips softening and help in retaining the moisture of the lips longer....
₹ 300
Keep your skin refreshed and hydrated even when you face the heat.. Weight: 50ml Lavender face mist made of pure lavender hydrosol used as facial cleanser and toner. It's antibacterial...
₹ 315





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