Hey soaps are really good... normally I avoid using soaps as they make my skin dry and in winter I totally avoid it.. but I' using your soaps from last 6 days and they are really good.. no dryness plus a good fragrance... loved it <3

Nrupa B, 26 Dec 2020

Santa arrived today with his wonderful handmade gift hamper. Couldn't wait for Christmas. So me and Dinesh already dug into the box and grabbed our gifts.  We always used to like the way the gift hampers were given in Italy. They pack each and every item with lots of love and passion and the way of packing itself shows dedication. We got the same sense of happiness while opening up your Christmas hamper, one packed with love and passion. We completely appreciated it Keep it up.

Manju Unnikrishna, 21 Dec 2020

I wanted to use your soaps for some time to give you my review. Your soaps are fantastic I have been using Charcoal soap for my face. It smells amazing. The soap has cleared my face and my skin feels so good. Lot of my friends are asking me what am I doing to my skin. My daughter also likes your soaps. Her skin is dry and body lotion is a must for her.. When I started the soaps, sometimes I forget to put lotion still her skin is soft.

Rachita R, 06 Nov 2020